My Poetries

Darkness to Light

We live in a dark forest full of wilderness. To make our way through this wild and dark forest we have to take the first step as nobody can guide us better than our own awaken soul and for that awakening we have to initiate our steps towards a brighter side cutting through the darkness.

“Have guts! Then go and feel loneliness;

Not in the home but away in the forest

where the nights are darkest

and you don’t have a clue

to find a way to go through

the woods that touch the lonely sky

without stars but full of flies.

The flies that shines in that darkness;

watch out for them for their guidance.

The thing that these flies can teach,

is to illuminate your path with ur own deeds.

You can’t just sit and relax out there;

You have to come up without any fear.

Past is past think for the future;

Take the initiative present is here.

If u loose this precious  fruitful moment;

Night will prevail without any crescent.

So be your guide and make your way

through the dark forest

to a brighter day”