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Pictures from a developer’s life

I am sure every Developer will relate to at-least one of these pictures. We all go through this and have similar expression in these situations.

Open this link to see one of the most funniest things of a Developer’s  life I have stumbled upon.

P.S – These are GIF images so you have to go to above link to see them in motion.


Here is something that you can see and have a good laugh!

This is not made by us but we found it extremely funny and felt like re-sharing it. The original post can be found here –

When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug

When the project manager enters the office

Inline image 1

When I’m deploying code to production

When I try to fix a bug at 3 in the morning

When my regex returned exactly what I expected

When a friend of mine asks me to fix his website built with Joomla

When I’m told that the module on which I have worked all the week will never be used

When the code that I have not tested on dev works perfectly in production

When the sales people announce they have sold our product to the customer

When I apply a new CSS for the…

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What’s actually wrong with email?

A lot has been written about the problems in our current email platforms. A quick search with “problems with email” on any of the prominent tech blogs will populate a whole lot of articles convincing us why email is no more good. Why it isn’t working anymore? Have a quick look at the reference links given below and you will get a hang of what are we taking about.

These and more of such articles left me pondering, “Is email actually bad?” And if yes, why isn’t anyone been able to fix it.

Read here to find the answers and solutions from a startup working to make Handling Mails more easier and manageable …

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Web Development Tutorials

Hello frnds…

Recently I have come across a really interesting website which provides free tutorial for all the web development technologies. This site provides u with simple tutorials that can be easily studied …and will be helpful even for those who are new to web development…or do not know any basics. Here is a brief list of free tutorials available:

W3Schools Tutorials
« Full Sitemap References »





XML Languages



Web Services



Browser Scripting



Server Scripting





And one more advantage is that u can experiment with ur codes there itself….so it will be a practical learning too.

I’ve heard most of great developers have started their work from here…so lets give it a try…its penniless and u even don’t have to bother about stepping out of ur home

Link :

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