About me

An Artist by nature & Engineer by profession (HIRABLE)

Well talking about myself I would prefer saying I am a tech enthusiast added with a flavour of creativity. I grew up sketching and playing with colours since childhood hence I am a great lover of art and creativity and as the time passed I grew a great association with computers which brought a technological revolution in me.

My engineering degree fueled my growing interest in technology and introduced me to the world of Robotics. I also love designing and developing web pages as it satisfies both my interests i.e, computers and creativity.

In free time I like twisting my lappy (my 1st and only GF) with various software and try to go more deeper in to the world of computers. Sometimes books also become my good friend and few writers which I prefer are S. Sheldon, and V. Seth.


7 thoughts on “About me

    1. hi good work, i’d like to know more about elitmus. I’m planning to take up the ph test very shortly. I’d like to know more about the strategies and about the various aspects of the phtest . Any help regarding the tests will be greatly appreciated.. and thanks in advance.

  1. bhaiya………….m frm ur colg..keen intrstd n learning php..can u suggest ny institute for learning php………hope u wil reply soon……

  2. not that neha baranwal asked me or anything but given that she speaks of php, my specialization and love, i feel inclined to speak.
    Neha, it is better if you learn php and all of the web technologies on your own. Should you have doubts, you can go to a mentor, but web tech is really better on your own.
    Institutes will try to fool you into believing that you have learnt the art. It is not true in most of the cases. So when you learn on your own, you learn from examples. You see how great other web apps are and it breaks you. Then you rise again from the ashes. Hardened by it. Molded by it. 🙂

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