What is wrong with Advani?

10 Jun

Answer by Atul Kumar Mishra:

1. Plant a seed along with some senior gardeners
2. Water it, add fertilizers and guard it all day
3. See it transforming into a plant
4. Keep guarding it
5. See it transforming into a tree
6. Let the senior gardeners eat the first fruit
7. Become the only gardener but alas there is a storm
8. Wait for the storm to subside, keep holding onto the tree
9. Now newer and more capable gardeners arrive at the scene
10. They challenge your position of being the consumer of all the fruits

There are few gardeners who'll gracefully vacate their seats for the newer and more capable gardeners. That's human and Advani is an ordinary human being.

Since we expect politicians to be above petty issues and affairs, it seems like a bitter pill to digest but that's the only thing which is wrong with Advani. He is not great, caring or compassionate. He is a common man who wants to relish the fruits of his labor but he knows he can't and hence the drama.

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