What do Indian men hate about Indian women?

01 Jun

Answer by Anonymous:

Indian Women is a big set, so I can't hate all of them in general. Also I do not hate, but there are certainly few things I despise among all the traits in Indian girls. Especially the ones that are quite ahead from rest of the women in the country due to their education, economic well being and opportunities etc. Following are the traits:

1. Self victimization: India is not by any means a safe country. Not for women and not for men. For example, I have been beaten up by goons not just once but twice in my life. I think of that as bad experience and try to remain safe. On the other hand there is a section of women if they get name called or even slightly discriminated in some way which doesn't affect their life / dignity much, will behave as if they have been living through hell in India.

2. Can't be criticized openly online: Unlike the real world, women have created a system online where they can't be criticized openly. For example, in the quoted question, both the answers are non anonymous, while in this question, almost all points have been made anonymously. For example, Indian girls will not care what their other guy friends have to say if in her opinion, but she can say "indian guys are chauvinistic, rapists, players, etc etc." In fact she will get heavily up voted for gross generalization, rant, or even abuse at times. On the other hand, if a guy says some girls are "gold diggers", "man users", "slutty", etc. etc. women will ensure that he gets the wrath of entire Quora.

3. Discriminatory (or at least vain) in marriage: For last two years, I was quite active on Indian matrimony websites to find an "educated Indian girl"and workout my life with her. My strategy was simple, I was only going to approach girls who have made their own profile, and are searching by themselves and not their parents. The truth as it got reveal Some samples (of self created profile):

exhibit A:

Girl's profile : QA Engineer in xyz software company, earning 6-8 lakhs. Educated in "my backside doesn't care" college of engineering, very attractive, fair, looks smoking hot from her picture.

Expected groom : Anybody who is working in US or Europe. (No other requirement )

Note: It is not about just this girl. There are many girls who don't have enough skills to qualify for a job in US, at the same time she is earning decently on her own in India. Since I work in this sector, I can easily claim that, more than 90% of girls in Indian IT/Software sector are _not_ looking to work hard and build their career. Most of them are looking to get lucky via marriage.

exhibit B:

Girl's profile : Student of Master of Surgery, Looks above average, Parents have their clinics,

Expected groom : IAS, IIT + IIM or Surgeon (No other requirement)

exhibit C:

Expected groom : 26-30, 5'11'' +, vegetarian, non smoker, teetotaller/social drinker, engineering graduate (preferably BE/Btech +MBA), currently placed in Mumbai. He should be rich in culture, ethics, morals, chivalry and etiquette, an environmentalist and animal lover, simple natured, with good communication skills. Plus he should earn more than 10lakhs (Actually this one is not very bad)

I have many more exhibits. And I know similar girls outside the online matrimony arena. I have no doubt in concluding that most eligible Indian girls are shamelessly selfish, vain and greedy about marriage. They look down upon those  guys who are equal to them in all respects or in fact they look down upon guys who are only slightly above them in earning potential or education background. In general a girl earning 6-8 seeks a guy earning 10-14. A girl earning 10-14 seeks, guy earning 20-25, and a girl earning 25-30 looks for a guy earning 40-60 lpa.

4. Extremely political / diplomatic :
Most Indian girls have a knack of avoiding unpleasant situations and are not straight forward. Often you will see that they will use parents, society as an excuse for breaking up, or other purposes. They have a strong sense of how they can be perceived as hypocrites and can be quite political or diplomatic (read scheming). And no such girls are not just found on Splitsvilla or Roadies. They exist right among all of us.

Conclusion :

I am purposefully cutting my answer short here. The point I am trying to make is that due to the scarcity of educated / earning girls in India, many educated and earning girls in India are much more privileged than men of equal worth and potential.

It must be noted that while most of the men who are criticized by these women as uncouthly are uneducated people doing non white collar job, or guys who are product of centuries of patriarchy, most of the regrettable women in India are from that section of the society who has opportunities and education. Just because other women with lesser rights are oppressed in India, you cannot say anything about these girls openly because, she will fuck your brains out while debating, calling you weird names, never being objective, and victimizing herself for being a girl by juxtaposing less fortunate girls than her.

Lastly I would say that not all women are like that. There are many wonderful, easy and self respecting women in various professional fields, driven by the passion of doing something / achieving something. In my personal opinion these girls are more found in non technical field. Because motivated women in technology mostly migrate.

Edit :-

I didn't imagine that this answer will get so much attention. I do not intend to go non-anonymous on this. But its surprising that even few ladies have appreciated this answer. And more than that its surprising that I have got more up votes than I normally get even when I am not anonymous. Life can be strange.

So far only one lady found my opinion unbalanced and gross generalization. I don't know, if I did that. I tried to avoid. BTW the person who asked this question wanted a mean answer 🙂

Edit -2 :-

I thought I would add little bit more based on some of the comments as well as answers that have made references to this answer.

0. Men are not clean:

This question was particularly about what is despicable among Indian women, so I described what I feel about it. May be after the recent anti rape protests women have become too difficult to bear especially the ones that are on social networks.  So I may have been tempted to give it back to them rather more aggressively. This doesn't mean that men have been good to women.

I am a staunch supporter of women reservation in education, in parliament, everywhere in India. I think we should give more opportunities for women to progress.

1. The society / culture / evolution / history argument :

A lot of people seem to justify based on biology or social pressure. I categorically deny that these arguments have any merit. Often its a case of moral turpitude. There are many girls which have been given equal or equivalent opportunities by their parents to be what they want to be. Its only after getting a degree and a job, these girls look out for men who can pay their bills etc.

If that can be justified by comparison to those ladies who never studied / had jobs then it can also be justified that its a right of a man to treat a woman like a property which can be bought by having money / house.

Edit – 3:-

This is going surprisingly strong for last two weeks. Most surprising is the fact quite a few girls have liked the answer, kudos to them. Really interested to know what is likable to girls in this answer. Also have had nasty ones. I guess criticism invites criticism, so that's ok. Some criticisms have been really mis founded. Honestly, evolutionary biology? Tit for tat? Is that a justification?

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