Who would be a better Prime Minister: Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

08 May

Answer by Rahul Mahajan:

I will vote for Rahul if he can answer these questions which are on the mind of all Indian youth:

1. Other than winning the genetic lottery of being a Gandhi (nothing to do with the Mahatma Gandhi), what is your qualification for being our leader?

2. Is India a democracy or just a monarchy run by your family? Why don’t we make P Chidambaram as PM who has spent his lifetime working for party? Why you? Why you man? Who are you?

3. What can you possibly do to help Indians when you have failed to do in last 60 yrs of rule especially the last 10 years? Just look at Amethi and Rae Bareli…. these people have been dedicatedly voting for your family but …. are one of the poorest areas of India…. Oh yeah… you need them for poor roti shows on TV, right?? Staying at their one room home to show how much you care for them…. what a joke.

4. Where were you when the Indian youth were protesting and getting lathi charged in Delhi rape case agitation? Playing Playstation with your friends?We need to know if you wanna be our leader…Indians are out of their Slave Mentality.

5. I have cleared the toughest MBBS. MD entrance exams in general category studying hours and hours in complete discipline.Took loans to study ….I hv stood in long queues at Govt offices, bearing the stupidity and rudeness of Govt employees….Have you ever struggled to get anything??Have you ever stood in a queue?

6. What about the riches amassed by your Brother in Law Mr Robert Vadra? Do you think we are fools to assume that its not because of your political clout that he has become rich?Has he really worked hard to earn all that?Then he should be respected like Tata and Gates…

7. Would you throw some light on your personality? What have you achieved in your life by yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Of course everybody knows about oneself…I know atleast 15 young men in my college who are much smarter, intelligent, practical, hardworking and real studs who would make a better leader than you.

8. What about the rising prices? 30% income tax,12% service tax,12 % VAT, Education cess, customs, Property tax? and still we have to pay Toll Tax ? Aren't you supposed to build roads for us? I can be sure that the income from Registration on property alone is enough to build a world class hospital in every district.
At least during Atal Bihari Vajpayees rule, every body could afford a mobile phone…and you are taking back small happiness from people's lives….Come on man, not everybody is rich like you….

9. Why cheat Anna Hazare? Your party and so called honest PM lied to the nation to bring Lokpal at Ramlila ground…later played wonderfull politics to scatter the agitation….Arvind Kejriwal is a hardworking, intelligent fellow. Do you think you can become a better leader than him? Honestly ?

10. Why do your party say "Minorities have the first right to national resources?" Why is scholarship given to Sihks, Parsis, Muslims on tax collected from Hindus even though parsis/sikhs are much richer communities…..Are not Hindus poor? Everybody is equal but it doesnt mean majority should be made secondary. Everybody has equal right on resources. Keeping the 80% majority poor is your idea of development?

11. Why does your party plays politics of Muslim appeasement openly? Why Haj subsidy? Why special quota? Why special status to minority institutes? Why dont you give a befitting reply to Pakistan? What have you done to tackle illigal immigration from Bangladesh? Batla house encounter….Obvioulsy scared of Muslim voters?

12. If Modi is held responsible for Gujarat riots, why is congress not responsible for Sikh massacre in Delhi, killing of 40,000 Hindus in Punjab militancy, Anti muslim riots in Assam??

13. Why your so called economist is unable to control prices, improve growth, check huge corruption? Are Indians not working hard enough? Why not make Swiss bank accounts public? Why not bring a bill to make foreigh bank accounts illegal like Putin has done in Russia?

I fail to guess why Montek Singh Ahluwalia  is made the Planner again and again? What has he done good to our nation? We as Indian youth think he is the biggest failure in Indian Administration….

Come live like a common Indian first for 5 years….. then we will happily make you our Prime Minister… Then we will buy your AAM AADMI slogan
Oh yeah….. What do you think of the Mango People Comment by your Jijaji?? Are we fools, buddy?

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One response to “Who would be a better Prime Minister: Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

  1. anjana bharti singh

    May 8, 2013 at 10:48 AM

    i ll go for mr. modi. rahul ji ka kya pta speech to achi dete h par pratical aspects ke mamle me modi ji zayda better h.


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