What’s actually wrong with email?

03 Oct

A lot has been written about the problems in our current email platforms. A quick search with “problems with email” on any of the prominent tech blogs will populate a whole lot of articles convincing us why email is no more good. Why it isn’t working anymore? Have a quick look at the reference links given below and you will get a hang of what are we taking about.

These and more of such articles left me pondering, “Is email actually bad?” And if yes, why isn’t anyone been able to fix it.

Read here to find the answers and solutions from a startup working to make Handling Mails more easier and manageable …

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One response to “What’s actually wrong with email?

  1. Meenakshi s.r

    October 21, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    hi i am a BE computer science graduate i got seat in in bio informatics kle coll belguam so is it better to do in bio informatics having a cs back ground plz suggest me….

    Thanks & Regards


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